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Elevate your style with the Karo JH10-20/NV women's sandals. Crafted from high-quality synthetic leather, these sandals boast a unique design and exceptional comfort. The padded insole ensures a comfortable fit, while the durable outsole provides long-lasting wear. With a maximum heel height of 5.5 cm,

Aceste sandale de damă de la Remonte sunt confecționate din piele naturală de înaltă calitate, cu un design deosebit și un vârf rotund. Ele sunt echipate cu un sistem de închidere cu doi scai pentru a oferi o fixare optimă pe picior. Brantul este realizat din piele naturală cu burete pentru a oferi un confort sporit. Talpa este flexibilă, durabilă și cu o tinută elegantă, cu toc turnat, oferind confort și susținere pentru picior. Înălțimea maximă a tocului este de 3,5 cm.   SANDALE DAMA REMONTE  Material Fata: piele naturala, cu design deosebit, tipul varfului: rotund, tip inchidere: doi scai, de inalta calitate.  Material Brant: piele naturala, cu burete pentru confort sporit, de inalta calitate.  Material Talpa: flexibila, durabila, cu tinuta eleganta, confortabila, toc turnat, de inalta calitate.  Inaltime Max Toc: 3,5 cm.

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Introducing the exquisite Karo JH10-20/NV women's sandals, a true epitome of elegance and style. Crafted from high-quality synthetic leather, these sandals boast a unique and exceptional design that will instantly elevate your outfit. Prepare to make a statement with every step you take.

Experience unparalleled comfort with the premium padded insole featuring high-quality cushioning for enhanced support and a luxurious feel. The durable outsole ensures long-lasting wear, while the applied heel adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. With a maximum heel height of 5.5 cm, these sandals offer the perfect balance between style and comfort.

Embrace the beauty of the Karo JH10-20/NV sandals and step into a world of refined fashion and impeccable taste.

  • Material Fata: Premium synthetic leather material with exceptional design
  • Material Brant: High-quality padded insole for enhanced comfort
  • Material Talpa: Durable construction with an elegant applied heel
  • Inaltime Max Toc: 5.5 cm

Elevate your style and embrace the elegance of the Karo JH10-20/NV sandals. With their exceptional design and superior comfort, these sandals are a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Step into sophistication and make a lasting impression. #sandals #fashion #elegance #style

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